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Acute laryngeal wind

Acute laryngeal wind is a kind of laryngeal wind. It refers to the acute laryngeal disease with rapid onset, critical condition, swelling and severe pain in the throat, dyspnea, excessive phlegm and saliva, difficult language and difficult soup. It is also known as "tight laryngeal wind". The occurrence of this disease is mostly developed from pharyngeal carbuncle and various pharyngeal diseases. It is generally complicated with acute larynx in children Diphtheria is caused by phlegm heat in the lung and stomach, re feeling the evil of wind heat or epidemic disease, combining internal and external evil, fanning wind and fire, causing phlegm heat to accumulate, phlegm and saliva fire poison to accumulate in the throat and block the airway. In addition, there are cases of laryngeal trauma, laryngeal bacteria or foreign bodies blocking the throat. Laryngeal wind disease is located in the throat and closely related to lung and stomach. According to the pathogenesis characteristics of the disease, it is appropriate to treat it according to syndrome differentiation. If the patient has obvious dyspnea, the symptoms of dyspnea should be relieved quickly.


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